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Modul 08



Reading statements from former participants of the course might help!
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"The average person looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without awareness of odour or fragrance, and talks without thinking."
(Leonardo da Vinci)

"It would be difficult to exaggerate the degree to which we are influenced by those we influence."
(Eric Hoffer)

"No one would talk much in society, if he knew how often he misunderstands others."
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

This module comprises of many sub modules and normally stimulates thinking in you. It builds on other modules and uses previous feedback and experience. It is about cloths, self limiting believes, aikido, physiology, Neanderthal, distance and difficult situations. You can see how diverse the spectrum is ... but after all, impacting and influencing is even more diverse.

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